Our Donors

Sarah’ is grateful to all who so generously donate their time, talent, and treasure to our work and mission.
We invite YOU to become part of our giving circle, “Friends of Sarah’s,” by pledging a monthly or reoccurring financial gift that will help us plan as we continue to meet the needs of our residents.
You may set up your reoccurring gift online or by downloading and mailing in this form. Thank you!


Sarah’s Director, Cheryl Behrent, and Community Relations Associate, Martha West, were thrilled to receive a generous donation from the American Association of University Women, St Paul Chapter.



2017 Breakfast Buffet and Benefit Sponsors and Hosts

Event Sponsors: Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration; Marilyn Harder; St. Catherine University Theology Department, Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Paul Province, Sue Reaney Contributing Sponsors: Susan and Rick Cummings, Mary Hunt, Renuka Jayatunge, Betty Schindler; Hosts: Teri Peterson, Martha West and Karen Smith; Co-Hosts: Linda Crosby, Jeffrey Grosscup, Beth Villaume

Friends of Sarah's Giving Circle

Cheryl Behrent, Simret Belete, Tewabech Badorie, Mawoulawae A. Foli, Mary Hunt, Renuka Jayatunge, Beryl Theresa McHale, Christine Ndayishimiye, Eleanore and William Pederson, Barbara and Timothy Ryan, Ruth K. Ryan, Kathleen Reidell, Betty Schindler, Monica Shaffer, Sharon Sinclair, Martha West and Karen Smith, Kathleen Wallenta, Mary T. Weinberg, Michael Ziomko

Our Donors

Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and Consociates, Cid Rattunde and Cindy Haugejorde, Michael and Jackie Bilski, Susan Reaney, Jeanne Jones, Marilyn Harder, Colleen O’Malley, CSJ, Michele Garnett McKenzie, Renuka Jayatunge, Geraldine Beckmann, Philip Byrne, Catherine Kvasnicka, Lynn Seep, Julie Bass, Annette Hegler, Claire Lewis, John Bierbaum, Doug and Terry Peterson, Anne and Charlie Leck, Lisa Fink, Gerald Olson, Mindy and Brian Kelly (Mrs. Kelly’s Teas), Mari Ann Graham, Kathryn E Greenbank, Mary Joyce Flesche, Sharon Sinclair, Cara Anthony, Jean Wincek, CSJ, Beth and John Villaume, Marilaurice Hemlock, Kathleen O’Brien and Jeffrey Loesch, JoAnne Murray, Nicholas Boie, Sarah Hunt, Kathy and Gary Groettum, Valerie Wolff, Yvette Nelson, Sylvia Nolte, Susan Hunt, Shawn Monaghan, Peg and Dean Ditty, Thomas Sykora, Ben Wold and Hilary Otey Wold, Kristine Brelje, Andrea Lee, IHM, Tracy and Cecilia K. Farr, Linda Crosby, Marie Shaun Walter, Michael Brooks, Trudy and Richard Cragg, Sarah and Mike Shefchik, Nicole Rosandich and Randall Meeker, Teresa Sterns, Dr. Cheryl Maloney, Greg and Linda Kvasnicka, Mary Rassat, Mary Ann Peterson, Joseph and Virginia Bisanz, Meg and Mark Wilkes Karraker, Jean Knutson, Molly P Kelliher, Pamela F McInnes, Keven D. Lee, Kate Meyer, Stacy and David Jacobson, Ruth and Mike Kvasnicka, Maren Bjork, Emilee Sirek, Kathleen Reidell, Sharon Mary Fitzgerald, Kathy Wallenta, Courtney Gerber, Phil and Julie Ledermann, Mary Kaye Medinger, Renee Sonka, Patricia and John Gries, Mary Syfax Noble, Terry L. O’Donnell, Mawoulawoe (Ayoko) Foli, Susan Hames, CSJ, Nancy Heck and Kim Gustafson, Kathleen Laughlin, Jill Alverson, Philip Kukuczka, Mary Wagner and Bill Moore, Susan and Daniel Bembenek, Noreen Kukuczka, Mary Ann O’Reilley, Julia Olmstead, Maridex Eunice Abraham, Patricia Helin, Sarah Beman, Shari Fruechte, Mary Lou  and Ken Evanoff, Joanne Jirik Mullen, Linda Gammell, Cathy Connolly Evans, Mary Jane Doll, Lindsay Dreyer, Nicholas and Joyce Olsen, Marie Boyle, Joseph and Mary Beth Boyle, Mary Lamski, Amy Ogren, Kathleen Ryan, CSJ, Rebecca Makayi, Richelle and John Koller, Pat and Bill Behrent, Cheryl Behrent, Pam Santerre, Mary Kaye Medinger, Monica Lubitz, Carole Evenchik, Jerry Kukuczka, Martin Michaels, Barbara Brandt,Sharon Howell, CSJ, Kathleen Gardner, Patricia Ebbey, Kathy Tischler, Bob Dettmer, Mary Fowler, Diana Windhorst, Christine Mosio, Ruth Brooker, Marie Theresa Belanger, Moncia Bieter, Bernice Caruth, Eric Celeste, Stephen and Christine Clemens, Rick and Susan Cummings, Christine Custer, Cornelia Dahm and Daniel Chen, Tom and Patricia Emmer,  Lou Cooney Erickson, Pat and Mary Pat Fitzpatrick, Mary Gallivan, Laurie Greeno, Kathy and Richard Hanousek, Johanna Hatch and Evan Creed,  Jane Helmke and Teresa Sterns, Joan and Robert Tukey, Diana Schansberg, Sarah and Jesse Stremcha, Sue Kueppers, Diane Reineke, Anscar Holmberg, CSJ, Kathleen Reidell, Sabrina Anderson, Breanna Berg, Gail Bliven, Robert and Nancy Braschler, Morgaine Butler, Erica Carlson, Emily Carman, Mary Cunningham, Holy Spirit Catholic Church in St. Paul, University of Minnesota-Freedom by Design Group (AIA-MN) and Randy Olsen (Randahl Construction), Unity Church-Unitarian, St Paul, Guardian Angels Catholic Church, Altrusa International of the Twin Cities,  St Catherine University Residence Life, St. Kate’s Activities Team, The Ruth Circle, Sacred Ground Center for Spirituality, Cities 97 KTCZ-FM 97.1 FM, April Gross, Colleen Hegranes, Ed.D., Michelle Huag, Robert and Joyce Humboldt, Karen Jothen, Mary Louise and Daniel Klas, Sue Kueppers, Kelly Ladwig, Kathleen Laughlin, D’Ann and James Lesch, Peter and Karen Loewenson, Brigette Marty, Virginia McCain, Brian McDonell, Deb Miner, Jim and Ellen Nester, Nicholas and Joyce Olsen, Jane S. O’Neill, Benjamin and Ann Osmond, Marie Paulo, Patrick Pfundstein, Margaret Dexheimer Pharris, Sunny Reed, Diana Schansberg, John Smith, Jenna and Lahens St. Fleur, Elizabeth Steffens, Ellen Vinar, Susan Weberg, Bonnie Wek and Michael Donahue, Marilyn Woolley, Andrea Dowd, Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, Chuck and Sue Percival, Stacey Poirier and Edward Linder, Robert and Joan Tukey, Abesha for Habesha, John Gries, Kristin Cummings, Emily Rose Duea, Mary Jane Casey

Sarah’s wishes to thank our anonymous donors as well.

In Memory of Tony Connelly

Mary Connelly, CSJ, Mary T. Byrne, Frances Howard, Michael and Priscilla LaBerge, Dick Sarafolean, Thomas Sager, Susan Jungbauer, Kathy Whaley, Michael and Patricia Kipka, Douglas and Kathleen Schwartz, Colleen Gegen and Denise Testa, Lisa Willems, Mary Jaruszewski, Patrick Duffy


Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet Ministries Foundation; Otto Bremer Trust; Edina Realty Foundation–Grand Ave Office in St Paul; American Association of University Women (AAUW), St Paul Branch

In-Kind Donors

St Mary of the Lake Anti-Human Trafficking Working Group (Sue Arcand), Celebrate You (Nancy Cox), Mary DuPlessis-Tcheclu, Susan and Rick Cummings, Bernice Caruth, Sue Reaney