Sarah’s… an Oasis for Women in the News

Sarah’s completed a detailed research project in 2016 focusing on the long-term impact of Sarah’s program for our former residents and the communities where they live. Accessing the Impact of Sarah’s… an Oasis for Women is a one-page summary of our findings. For the full report, please contact

Our new book, Inspirations of Hope, is available for a donation of $10.00 or more.

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Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service Announces our new Steering Committee:

We are pleased to share that in February 2016, an all-volunteer Steering Committee began meeting monthly on behalf of the Migrant Housing and Protection Community of Practice (COP). The committee includes representatives from LIRS (Baltimore, MD), Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (Louisville, KY); Sarah’s … an Oasis for Women (St. Paul, MN); CLASP (Chicago, IL); Casa Libre (Los Angeles, CA); and Survivors of Torture (San Diego, CA). We are excited to start working towards common goals that emerged from the Housing Convening to help support asylum seekers. Cheryl Behrent, Sarah’s Director, represents Sarah’s on the committee.



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