Walking Along Beside

I often forget how little culture can mean when it comes to relationships.  Even if we come from two different continents, upbringings, languages, our ways of connecting can be so similar.  We can understand one another so easily if we only seek to do such. And we only find how similar we truly are if we engage in experiences with one another.  I forget in a place like America, where hip hop was born and women’s empowerment is strong, our ideals and influences are from the very continent these women of Sarah’s come from.  Here in America, African traditions have been explored, borrowed, assimilated, and appropriated. I believe our world is much closer than we think. And I believe we are all much closer to being friends than we believe.  It’s only a matter of loosening your fists, glancing over, and listening.  Letting your eyes be opened and assumptions dropped.  We can celebrate each other; we can celebrate the world. Read on….

Your support is needed now more than ever! Sarah’s encourages you to attend our Breakfast Buffet and Benefit on June 20th to hear more about the impact of Sarah’s in our community and our world.

Sarah’s… an Oasis for Women cordially invites you to attend our 2nd Annual “Welcome Home” Breakfast Buffet and Benefit on Wednesday, June 20th from 8:00AM -9:30AM at the beautiful Anderson Center on the campus of Hamline University. While enjoying a delicious breakfast buffet, you will hear the latest news on the impact of Sarah’s in our community and in our world. Brief remarks will be given by Cheryl Behrent, Sarah’s Director, Cathy Steffens, Sarah’s Leadership Liaison, Sheilla Matenhire, former resident, and Margaret McGraith, member of Sarah’s Advisory Council. CSJ Consociate, Lisa Moriarty, will return as our emcee. If you have not received an invitation via email, please contact Martha West at 651-696-8672 or communityrelations@sarahsoasis.org. The event is free and open to the public. An RSVP is requested for planning purposes. We look forward to seeing all of you there. Sarah’s will always be your home!


The Impact of Sarah’s

Sarah’s holds a unique place as a one-of-a-kind transitional home in Minnesota serving primarily immigrant women who are struggling to become established in our community. Housing women who face similar challenges allows Sarah’s to tailor its community-based service model toward the needs of residents. The women of Sarah’s gain strength and resilience living in a community of women who are going through comparable experiences.  

Since 1996, Sarah’s has served over 650 women from 70 nations. Sarah’s stands as a testament to the impact of the CSJ mission: always moving toward profound love of God and love of neighbor without distinction.  During the last year, Sarah’s served 43 unique women. Of those 43, 13 moved on to permanent housing, 18 secured employment (full or part-time), 22 furthered their education (high school, ELL, college) and 4 gained work authorization, asylum, permanent residency or began the U.S. citizenship process. All 43 unique women experienced healing, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

Your support is needed now more than ever! Sarah’s encourages you to attend our Breakfast Buffet and Benefit on June 20th to hear more about the impact of Sarah’s in our community and our world.

~Martha West, Community Relations Associate 




“Giving hope and knowledge that Sarah’s is a place to call home . . . Bringing encouragement and support . . . Self-empowered women from all over the world sharing a home . . . Community living, meals and conversation . . . our goals can be realized with hard work and determination . . . always moving toward profound love of God and love of neighbor without distinction.”
~Peggy White, House Manager 






Sarah’s Social Media Intern 2018

Shelby Batterson, Social Media Intern, comes to Sarah’s through The Center for Community Work and Learning at St. Catherine University. She loves working with the amazing team at Sarah’s and meeting inspiring women. She will graduate in May 2018 with a degree in Political Science and with minors in English and Communication Studies. Raised in Bloomington, she has three sisters and a brother, and is particularly close to her identical twin sister, Whitney. Shelby loves dogs, eating food (mainly pasta!), watching movies, reading and traveling. She has studied abroad in Eastern Europe, and the United Kingdom.


Neighborhood Connections  2018

Sarah’s… an Oasis for Women has been part of the fabric of the Highland Park neighborhood for more than two decades. In the spirit of deepening our relationship with those who live in our neighborhood, a few members of Sarah’s staff met with a few neighbors, and in the warmth of a neighbor’s kitchen, Neighborhood Connections was born. Sarah’s goal in Neighborhood Connection is to see how we can serve our “dear neighbors.” Many at the meeting were thinking only of ways they could serve us so it came as a surprise when they realized our aim was to serve them. One neighbor remarked, “All your ideas are about what you can do for us!” It was a great opportunity to share our CSJ mission:  “Moving always toward the profound love of God and love of neighbor without distinction.”

Since that time, a couple of neighbors joined us for a community meal and participated in our house meeting long enough to invite the women of Sarah’s to join in the annual neighborhood Christmas caroling event. Several of Sarah’s residents expressed interested and suggested adding dancing to the singing!  Another neighbor has stopped by to tune Sarah’s piano located in the dining room, and a couple of neighborhood youth will attend our residents’ December 20th holiday party to play songs and lead singing. Future ideas included neighborhood attendance at our January career networking event, and Sarah’s as the possible host site for our 2018 neighborhood national night out.

We invited our neighbors to enjoy our yard in the warmer months including our two labyrinths, and in colder months, to use our chapel for quiet contemplation and prayer. We are excited about our new Neighborhood Connections, and the opportunity to enter into the lives of our neighbors in a more intentional way.

written by Martha West, Community Relations Associate


December 2017

The 15th Annual St. Catherine University Charity Ball will be held this year on Friday, December 8th from 7:00PM-9:30PM in the Rauenhorst Ballroom, located in the Coeur de Catherine. The Ball began fifteen years ago as a way engage St Kate’s students in a multi-faceted holiday experience. It originated as a festival of trees, and evolved into the celebratory event that we know today. The Charity Ball gives St. Kate’s students a chance to dress up, engaging in the excitement of the holiday season, while at the same time, giving them the opportunity to expand their perspective during this season of giving.

The Charity Ball has been a benefit event for Sarah’s… an Oasis for Women for fourteen of the past fifteen years. Supporters and allies of Sarah’s are excited to continue in close relationship as the beneficiary of such a wonderful event. Creating an on-campus event, hosted by St. Kate’s students, and supported by the wider community of Sarah’s is what one would expect from organizations living out their charism of loving the dear neighbor without distinction.

written by Martha West, Community Relations Associate



Sarah’s… an Oasis for Women 2017 Autumn News

Fall is a busy time of year for the women and staff of Sarah’s. Many of Sarah’s residents have started a new school year. Our staff is focused on preparing our home for the fall and winter months to come.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Sarah’s has hosted several outings this fall for current residents including a walk at Hidden Falls Park, a museum field trip, attending the Minnehaha Arena sale, and an excursion out to a local pumpkin patch. MacKenzie, Sarah’s SJW, has planned a Halloween party for the residents that includes carving pumpkins and roasting pumpkin seeds.


  • Once again Sarah’s Director, Cheryl Behrent, will host a table at the Center for Victims of Torture (CVT) Restoring Hope Breakfast on Thursday, October 12th. Guests at Sarah’s table include members of Sarah’s staff, Sarah’s Advisory Council, and CSJ consociates. Sarah’s is proud to support CVT as one of our long-time community service providers!


  • On Saturday, October 15th, Sarah’s hosts Citizen Katie Day. This special day is a volunteer blitz with St Kate’s students, alumnae, faculty and staff working side by side on projects to benefit programs like Sarah’s. Citizen Katie brings together the St. Kate’s family in service to the community.


  • In November, Sarah’s Advisory Council will serve a Thanksgiving meal at Sarah’s for our current residents and staff. Sarah’s council members undertake all the planning and decor. This event has become a tradition at Sarah’s, and is great fun for all!


written by Martha West, Community Relations Associate


Sarah’s 2017 Report to the Community


Welcome Home!

The current residents of Sarah’s… an Oasis for Women hosted their annual reunion on Saturday, July 29th, 2017. In attendance were many of Sarah’s current and former residents, staff, and volunteers as well as friends and family. One of the highlights of our reunion was celebrating Cheryl Behrent’s 10-year work anniversary. A special card was made for Cheryl and signed by everyone. She also received a small ceramic house symbolizing Sarah’s “welcome home” spirit.  Cheryl painted the house with Sarah’s signature purple and green colors, and then everyone signed it. As always, volunteers, staff, and residents worked to make the house beautiful and welcoming with floral arrangements from the yard, international dishes, and a cake that said ‘Welcome Home.’

Everyone at Sarah’s is excited about entering our 22nd year of ministry. Our current staff is Cheryl Behrent, Director, Faith Clark, House Manager, and Martha West, Community Relations Associate. Sarah’s is thrilled to welcome MacKenzie O’Kane as our St. Joseph Worker for 2017-2018. We are also excited to have Sarah Brenes from The Advocates for Human Rights as our new Advisory Council Chair. Sarah’s is blessed to have such a wealth of talent on our staff and council!

written by Martha West, Community Relations Associate


Sarah’s Director, Cheryl Behrent, celebrates a decade of ministry!

Sarah’s… an Oasis for Women congratulates Cheryl Behrent as she celebrates her 10 year work anniversary as a staff member. In July of 2007, she joined Sarah’s as the Associate Director working with Maggie Kvasnicka, CSJ, who was Sarah’s Director at that time. Cheryl shares her reflection on joining the staff at Sarah’s and on her last 10 years:

The work of Sarah’s has grown and matured in the last 10 years. Since 2010, when I became Director, Sarah’s has engaged countless compassionate volunteers who have shared their lives and valuable time and energy with us. CSJ Sisters and Consociates have deepened their relationship with Sarah’s, and we’ve been fortunate to have Sisters from other communities be part of the

Cheryl Behrent, 2013 recipient of the Virginia McKnight Binger Award for Human Service presented by McKnight Foundation
photograph by Mark Luienenburg

fabric of life here as well. Sarah’s Advisory Council has grown and diversified over the years to include service provider representatives, and former residents. The staff at Sarah’s has evolved over the years, and we are blessed to have a wonderful staff assisted by committed volunteers who love Sarah’s and uphold Sarah’s mission as well as the mission of the CSJ community.

I am excited to dream about all the wonderful future possibilities as we enter Sarah’s third decade. I remain deeply commitment to Sarah’s and to the women who come here to work, live and be part of our community. I am honored to accompany survivors of injustice, war, torture and discrimination as they become “thrivers” through Sarah’s ministry. No matter the challenges, we can do anything we put our minds to do. Moreover, our community-based program model connects us with others who are working hard just like us to support the women of Sarah’s.  I invite you to deepen your relationship with Sarah’s by visiting our home for a tour or for a Wednesday evening meal. I also hope you will plan to be part of our two annual events: Sarah’s June 2018 “Welcome Home” breakfast benefit, and the St. Kate’s Charity Ball to be held in December 2017. Volunteering at Sarah’s offers many possibilities for engagement as well.

I’m proud of the work we’ve done in the last 10 years and the difference Sarah’s makes in the lives of the women who have called Sarah’s home. I give thanks for the last ten years of ministry and the many women who have been welcomed home here–finding hope, peace, safety, love, and beauty. I pray always for Sarah’s women and I thank God for they ways they have touched my life and how amazing and wonderful it is to be part of Sarah’s… an Oasis for Women.


Nonprofit uses running as a catalyst for shelter residents going through tough times

 My Outdoor Life: Nonprofit director Mishka Vertin saw running’s benefits, decided to apply the idea in Minnesota with Mile in My Shoes.












Click HERE to read full article.


World Refugee Day ~ Our Friends at The Advocates for Human Rights







Download Sarah’s Summer Wish List 2017!



The Impact of Sarah’s… an Oasis for Women

As Sarah’s enters its 22nd year of ministry in July, it’s important to pause and reflect on the depth and breadth of Sarah’s impact in the Twin Cities, greater Minnesota, and the world.

There are numerous transitional housing programs located in the Twin Cities that serve specific populations. Examples include domestic violence shelters, homes for the elderly and/or disabled, homes for HIV-positive persons, and programs for homeless teen-agers. Few however are suitable for asylees, refuges and other immigrant women who lack access to these and other public programs and resources.

While waiting for an interview with the U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Service—a daunting process in itself—there is no access to public assistance programs including housing. Refugee resettlement programs receive funding for the first 90 days of a refugee’s stay in the USA, after which the refugee is expected to be self-sufficient. Adding to the complications are language and cultural barriers, misogyny, racism, and untreated trauma resulting from torture, discrimination, war and other types of abuse.

Sarah’s holds a unique place as a one-of-a-kind transitional home in Minnesota serving primarily immigrant women who are struggling to become established in the USA. Housing women who face similar challenges allows Sarah’s to tailor its community-based service model toward the needs of residents. The women of Sarah’s find strength and resilience living in a community of women who are going through comparable experiences.

On a national level, Sarah’s Director, Cheryl Behrent, has been involved in building a nationwide network of faith-based, like-minded housing providers. She has participated in an all-volunteer steering committee on behalf of the Migrant Housing and Protection Community of Practice (COP) that includes representatives from all over the nation working towards common goals to support asylum seekers.

Sarah’s has served over 650 women from 70 different nations and stands as a testament to the impact of the CSJ mission: always moving toward profound love of God and love of neighbor without distinction. Under the current political climate, your support and gifts of time, talent, and treasure are needed now more than ever. With this in mind, Sarah’s extends deep gratitude to you for your support.


  • Women age 20+ and not currently parenting
  • Women of any ethnicity, creed or religious affiliation
  • Women for whom no other resources are currently available
  • Women who do not need licensed agencies
  • Women who are medically independent and chemically (addiction) free
  • Women with a willingness and ability to live in community in a group setting where space, food preparation, household and grounds work and living are shared.
  • Women whose transition is ordinarily completed within 1 to 1.5 years

written by Martha West, Community Relations Associate






Women of Substance

Two weeks ago, a group of women from Sarah’s and I went to a Lizzo concert at St. Catherine’s University during their Women of Substance Festival which seeks to bring empowering and inspirational women to campus for a beautiful week of events.  It was a beautiful spring night and the ladies of Sarah’s were dressed to impress in each of her own ways varying from our sister from Kenya in her habit to our younger resident in ripped jeans and Nike’s. Going to a concert is a rare occasion for the women of Sarah’s let alone a hip hop concert, so needless to say this was a big event.  I mean, Lizzo is famous.

In my endeavor to round up concert-goers, I learned that the women of Sarah’s love experience.  When our sister in-residence came to me asking if she could go see Lizzo, I honestly laughed.  The image of risque lyrics referencing butts shaking and the dance moves on stage to match in front of her very eyes made me anxious and giddy all at once.  Since when do sisters like hip hop I thought?  So, I reminded her “It’s a hip hop concert, Sister.  Very loud and very…different”.  And all she replied with was, “I know, so can I go”?  I was floored. How ready she was! By the end of the day, we had two of your youngest residents, a woman who is highly religious in practice but loves to get down, and a sister all excited to attend the concert.

In our mini-van, we drove off to St. Kate’s double-checking we all had our tickets and talking about who the opener for Lizzo would be.  I gave the women a “pep-talk” in case I was still right about being hesitant to bring some to the concert.  I explained that there would be a lot of singing about butts and cussing accompanied by dancing, bodysuits, and all.  “Anyone want to turn back now?” I thought in my head.

It wasn’t long after hustling through busy crowds and long aisles that we found our seats and prepared ourselves for a wonderful show.  Walking into a concert venue followed by a nun and three other African women is probably the most amusing moment as a 22 year old white American women.  Watching people gazing and most likely wondering how we were all connected. Wondering what our purpose is being at this concert. How did I get to this moment of attending a Lizzo concert with a group of refugee and asylum-seeking women through a Catholic program?  Seven months into the St. Joseph Worker program, and I still am surprised every day and amazed at the things I do, hear, and see.  I find myself in experiences I never imagined to have.

This night was a beautiful example of such unexpected experiences I will cherish from a year of service at Sarah’s.  The opening performances were delightful and with much applause we welcomed Lizzo on stage to a spectacular show.  All that was expected happened. Speeches about body empowerment, female empowerment, black empowerment, people empowerment.  Beautiful singing that carried through the auditorium and dancing ladies doing splits on stage happened. Twerking happened.  And I tightened my fists before glancing over at the residents to my right. What were they thinking? Did they hate it?

After the song finished and there was a moment of quiet, I turned to the women to hear their opinions.  Our sister from Kenya only said, “We should do that at Sarah’s”!   “…..What?! Really?”  I replied.  “You want to “twerk” at Sarah’s”?  The women laughed and nodded.  I played along and suggested we should have one of our many volunteers come and teach us sometime.  And what was the response you might ask?  The most perfect answer of all that told me this night was truly special and I had only assumed the worst: “In Africa, we don’t need someone to teach us this.  Because this is how we dance.” We all laughed and settled in to see Lizzo and her beautiful body empowerment, body suits, and…twerking…as I thought about all the assumptions I had made that day to only be taught different.

written by Lindsay Schaefer, St. Joseph Worker