Amare’s Journey: Part 3

Written by Cheryl Behrent

This month is the continuation of Amare’s story. Staying with a relative in Minnesota, Amare quickly found out what it feels like when you are not very welcome. It’s not uncommon for hosting families to believe two weeks is long enough for newcomers to get settled and into a place of their own. After two weeks, the pressure to leave was unbearable.

A service organization thankfully knew about Sarah’s as no other place was available for Amare to move into. Knowing Amare could come to Sarah’s when the room was ready, (between 2 weeks and 3 months) the family relaxed their pressures.

Amare says that the only thing she misses at Sarah’s is her family, otherwise she is covered 360 degrees which has meant a ‘complete change of my life.’ Amare says it ‘FEELS safe beyond being told you are safe.’ Tearing up, Amare says, you feel ‘loved, accepted, welcomed. [Sarah’s] gave my life new birth. I lost hope in uncertainty. At Sarah’s, I feel hope, peace, and love. It’s a real opportunity to be here. My life started changing for the better being connected to assistance, finding an attorney, having the support though the case is slow, and an opportunity to develop myself. Things started moving when I knew I was being assisted, given everything I needed in life. I’m encouraged, supported, and feel I belong.’

Amare would tell donors about giving to Sarah’s that “staff are doing a tremendous job, touching, transforming, shaping, weaving, and giving life. Living at Sarah’s, hope is restored and permits me to live towards dreams. Compassion is not only like you feel it, it is demonstrated. Love is demonstrated. Staff are full of commitment,
time, resources mending lives that were shattered/destroyed, doing life-saving work filled with love and support. The depth of love at Sarah’s is so deep, I am wondering sometimes am I dreaming or this is really happening.”

Amare does much at Sarah’s to support the household and women living there. She is a beloved member of the community, a “Sarah,” and will always be in the heart of Sarah’s.