Support Sarah’s with $5!

“I have been dreaming of putting this together for the last couple years and it has finally come to fruition. Please help make my dreams come true as well as making the lives of Sarah’s women more enjoyable.” –Jessica

What does $5 mean to you? Maybe it means a latte, or a couple macarons, two gallons of gas, or just pocket change…most of these things are gone within a few minutes. At Flirt, your $5 can change someone’s life. You can now purchase a pair of underwear from Flirt for just $5 to be donated to Sarah’s…an Oasis for Women. You can choose both the color and style you would like to purchase for donation. There is no limit to the amount that you can donate and you do not need to make a purchase for yourself in order to make a purchase for donation.

At Flirt, you can also donate your clean, gently used bras for donation to Sarah’s! Flirt Boutique owner Jessica Gerard volunteers at Sarah’s once a month to do fittings and give out the donations. Consider taking time to do some spring cleaning of your drawers and make someone’s life a little better!

177 Snelling Ave. N. St Paul MN 55104
Contact Jessica at 651-698-3692 or