Anything Helps – Thank You for your Donation

A donation to Sarah’s… an Oasis for women makes an immense difference in the lives of others. The women at Sarah’s… an Oasis for Women are the very image of resilience; their intimate knowledge with suffering, faith, and hard work have left them unbreakable. Staying at Sarah’s has given them the safety and potential to achieve their dreams. With a community of kind, humble, feminist group of women, the residents can heal and grow. The women at Sarah’s… an Oasis for Women would not be able to achieve their goals without your support. Please consider what you can provide for the women at Sarah’s: whether a one-time donation or purchasing a much-needed item, your financial support makes a world of a difference in changing the residents’ lives. 

Are you already a sustaining donor of Sarah’s and want to increase your monthly donation? Call Peggy Summers at 651-690-7018. 

If you prefer to send Sarah’s a check or cash:

Sarah’s… an Oasis for Women
attn: Ministries Foundation
1884 Randolph Avenue 
St. Paul, MN 55105

Or donate with a credit card using our secure system below.