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Multiple hands in a circle around a plate with three candles on it.

Stories of Hope

Sarah’s welcomes women who have survived violence, abuse, torture, war, discrimination and trauma. Sarah’s hope is that the women who have lived here will perpetuate peace as contributing members in their new communities with newly developed skills, revitalized confidence, determination, and courage.

Before finding Sarah’s many residents have fled abusive situations, escaped danger at home, and been ostracized by their loved ones. A number of women reach the United States after leaving their children behind in the hope that a new start will be safer.

Every woman’s story is different but the end is always the same: a dignified and safe home at

Sarah’s… an Oasis for Women.

Sarah's is the world in one home.

Amareche, Former Resident

Find more stories, past events, and other ways to get involved on Sarah's YouTube channel

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