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Volunteer Application

At Sarah’s, volunteers must possess these qualities:


• Ability and willingness to relate with women of diverse backgrounds, language skills, appearances, and life experiences.

• Ability to maintain resident confidentiality and commitment to the privacy and safety of the residents being protected at all times.

• Ability to listen to feedback, recognize own potential and limitations, acknowledge others’ feelings, and ability to communicate well in writing and orally.

• Ability to be collaborative with and accountable to residents, staff, and other volunteers

• Willingness to make a commitment of a minimum of one semester for students and 9 months for non-students


The first step in the process of becoming a volunteer is to attend a virtual tour and complete the volunteer application online below. Volunteer positions are not always open. Your information will be maintained in Sarah’s database and you will be contacted if there is a volunteer opening. You are welcome to attend the virtual tour (register from this link to the events page) whether there is an opening at this time or not. This would be an opportune time to talk with Sarah’s director about the potential types of volunteerism that Sarah’s may have available.

At this time if there are no relevant volunteer opportunities available, someone will contact you when something opens in the future. Thank you.

Sarah's Volunteer Application


Are you (please select all which apply):


Current Student?

Employment History

Currently Employed?

Service Requirement

Do you need to fulfill a service requirement?

Skills & Interests

Skills & Interests

Which of these areas are you potentially interested in? (please select all)

 By signing below, both parties agree to the expectations outlined in this letter and will notify the other party immediately if any changes occur.

By signing below, you agree to allow Sarah's to use photos and videos containing your image in internal and external paper and electronic publications. If you with to opt out, please note so below.

By signing below, you also acknowledge that Sarah's... an Oasis for Women (a ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet) is not liable for any harm sustained to person or property during volunteer activities performed off-site, even if activities are on behalf of Sarah's... an Oasis for Women or are performed with a Sarah's staff member or resident. All volunteers are covered under the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Paul Province liability insurance policy while on premises at 520 Warwick Street in St. Paul.

Thanks for submitting your volunteer application!

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