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Sarah's is such an important partner and has been such an important part of the journey of many women I have worked with over the year here at the Center for Victims of Torture.

Abbey Weiss Kanzer, PsyD, LP

Collaborating together to create a better today, and even brighter tomorrow.

Sarah’s unique community-based service model ensures that women from Sarah’s can develop the skills they need to advocate for themselves as they regain their lives and sense of self. Our model enables women from Sarah’s to stay connected to the services they need even after they move on from Sarah’s.  

Sarah’s is honored to be a collaborator with many different service providers in the community. Its wide variety of service providers and supporters generously assist the women of Sarah’s in accomplishing their life goals. Safe and reliable housing is just the first step on each woman’s journey toward a new life. Sarah’s residents receive referrals which enable them to build the connections and confidence they need to independently achieve their goals. Sarah’s refers women to a variety of different services such as: employment, job searching, volunteering, health care, insurance, legal, housing, education and training.